Preconstruction Services

The services Q & Company offers in the preconstruction phase of a project are extremely important in managing the budget and schedule of a project.  Not only do preconstruction services include working through constructability, scheduling, costs and construction documents, but they also include a great deal of team coordination to identify areas of concern and develop solutions within the team prior to construction.  By helping to assemble a quality design team and working with the Owner during the design phase, Q & Company believes many issues that are typical of a construction project can be resolved prior to construction, which allows for smooth construction and a quality project that is completed on schedule and within the Owner’s budget.   Some of the preconstruction services offered by Q & Company include the following:

Site Evaluation
• Site Development
• Utility Availability Studies
• Design Management
• Constructability Review
• Value Engineering
• Budget Management
• Project Planning &
• Estimating/Bidding Process


Construction Management

Unlike a project with a General Contractor, a Construction Manager provides the Owner with the assistance and guidance to successfully complete a project.  Q & Company believes that this is achieved as a team, by working together with the Owner and the Designers with the Owner’s best interest in mind.  If involved during the design of the project, the Construction Manager can help control the budget and schedule by helping with the final designs.  Some of the Construction Management services offered by Q & Company include the following:

Evaluate Schedules, Budgets and Constructability Issues
• Develop Bid Packages
• Evaluate Bids
• Develop Construction Contracts
• Assist with Permitting and Approvals
• Develop and Implement Project Procurement
• Coordinate and Control of the Construction Documents
• Maintain and Control Jobsite Documents
• Manage, Schedule and Coordinate Prime Contractor Work
• Monitor Construction for Conformance with Design Documents
• Monitor and Maintain Cost Control
• Evaluate Change Order Requests and Resolve Disputes
• Facilitate and Determine Substantial Completion
• Coordinate Start-up, Move-in and Project Closeout


Design-Build Services

In a design-build project, the Contractor is included from the beginning of the preconstruction phase.  Q & Company’s relationships with many of the top designers and subcontractors in Southwest Missouri, as well as their broad range of construction experience, help them to be a leader in this type of project delivery.  When a client contracts with Q & Company for a design-build project, they can be confident that they will be working with a team of quality designers and constructors to take their project from an idea to a finished project that they can be proud of.  Some of the Design-Build services offered by Q & Company include the following: 

• Design and Engineering Services
• Preconstruction Services
• Evaluate Schedules, Budgets and Constructability Issues
• Scheduling of Design, Permitting and Construction
• Permitting and Approvals
• Accounting and Reporting From Preconstruction to Project Closeout
• Monitor and Maintain Cost Control From Preconstruction to Project Closeout
• General Construction Services
• Post-Construction Services


General Construction Services

As a General Contractor, the members of Q & Company have successfully completed a wide variety of projects ranging from small tenant infills to large industrial manufacturing facilities.  There is no such thing as a project that is too large or too small and you can be sure that you will receive the same attention to detail on any size of project.  Some of the General Construction services offered by Q & Company include the following:

• Estimating
• Scheduling
• Construction Permitting
• Subcontractor Procurement and Contracting
• Material Procurement and Purchasing
• Project Coordination
• Project Documentation and Reporting
• Construction Administration
• Self-Performed Work
• Subcontractor Management
• Health and Safety Management
• Quality Control
• Cost Management
• Change Order Development and Handling
• Accounting and Reporting
• Subcontractor Closeout
• Project Closeout


Post-Construction Services

The end of a project is another area that is extremely important to the overall success of a project.  In addition to commissioning and startup of the systems within the facility, Q & Company provides extensive training to the Owner so that they are equipped with the knowledge to properly run and maintain their new facility.  This training is recorded and a copy is submitted to the Owner with their Operation and Maintenance Manuals for their records.  Some of the Post-Construction services offered by Q & Company include the following:

• Commissioning
• Move-in
• Start-up
• Operation
• Maintenance
• Training
• Facilities Management
• Claims Management
• Transfer of Insurance